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Full Service English to Spanish and Other Languages Document Translation

We translate all types of documentation (electronic and paper)

We specialize in all types of documentation (electronic and paper), including, but not limited to: advertisements, birth certificates, contracts, correspondence, diplomas, divorce decrees, educational materials, e-mails, financial information, government documents, judicial rulings, legal filings, licenses, magazines, marketing brochures, medical records, pharmaceutical materials, public notices, safety notices, technical manuals, transcripts, website text, etc.

Areas of document translation specialization:

Legal Public Documents (Immigration) Medical & HealthCare Construction & Building Manufacturing

Immigration: Notarized / Certified




Educative Documents for Immigration, School Enrollment or Employment Purposes


Real Estate


Academic Records: Educative Documents

Human Resource

Technical Engineering

Other industries

 Legal Public Documents (Immigration) (back to top)

For documents required by U.S.C.I.S. or any other U.S. state, local or federal agency to present translated documents, Translating Services, LLC is highly specialized in this category of translation.
Adoption records Divorce decrees or rulings
Birth certificates Marriage certificates and marriage licenses
Criminal or police background checks Passports
Death certificates

 Immigration: Notarized / Certified (back to top)

Translations of legal documents requested by U.S.C.I.S. (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services – formerly the I.N.S.), Passport Office, MVD (Motor Vehicle Department) or other federal, state, or local government agencies.
Adoption papers Letters of reference
Automotive titles Marriage certificates and marriage licenses
Birth certificates Judgments
Corporate documents Medical reports
Criminal record National Vaccination Record
Death certificates Naturalization papers
Divorce decrees and rulings Passport
Driver licenses Police clearances
Financial statements Police record and background checks
Immigration documents Power of Attorney
Immunization records Wills and trusts

 Educative Documents for Immigration, School Enrollment or Employment Purposes (back to top)

High school and college or university transcripts Certificates of completion
High school and college or university diplomas Secondary school records

 Academic Records: Educative Documents (back to top)

Accreditation records High school diplomas
Bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree High school transcripts
Certificates of completion Professional titles
College degrees Secondary school records
College transcripts Transfer document
Curriculum vitae / Resumes University degrees
Course descriptions University diplomas
Grade reports University transcripts

 Medical & HealthCare (back to top)

We specialize in medical and social service document translation such as:
Clinical toxicological, pharmacological and biological information Patient consent forms
Equipment, packaging labels, medical questionnaires Patient handouts
Health care forms Pre and post surgery instructions
Insurance claims Provider training materials
Medical applications Web pages text
Medical equipment, instruction manuals and brochures Other healthcare communications
Medical prescriptions

 Pharmaceutical (back to top)

Case report forms (CRF) Manufacturing specifications
Case reports Marketing materials and web content
Clinical trial materials New regulatory affair reports
Doctor guides Patents
Drug inserts Patient guides
Government applications Patient questionnaires
Informed consent forms (ICF) Product labels
Journals and publications Regulatory documents
Standard operating procedures (SOP)

 Hospitals (back to top)

Signs Disclaimer forms & miscellaneous forms
Patient information brochures

 Human Resource (back to top)

Drug and alcohol testing policies HR policies
Employee manuals and handbooks Medical
Employee review forms Memos
Employee training materials Newsletters
Employment applications OSHA regulations and manuals
Health benefits forms Safety documents and information
HR forms Sexual harassment guidelines

 Construction & Building (back to top)

Employee manuals Training materials
User manuals

 Legal (back to top)

Corporate by-laws Public records
Depositions Trials

 Real Estate (back to top)

Purchase contracts Property management
Lease agreements

 Technical Engineering (back to top)

Engineering, including civil, electrical and mechanical, petroleum, and chemical engineering.
Heavy machinery Manufacturing plants
Engineering specifications Plastic industry
Instrumentation manuals for complex industrial and petroleum processes

 Manufacturing (back to top)

Consumer user manuals Regulatory documentation
Diagrams and CAD files Research
HR manuals Safety manuals
Installation, operator and maintenance manuals Service agreements
Manufacturing Service manuals
Policy manuals Work processes

 Business (back to top)

Accounting Manufacturing
Banking Staff Handbooks
Import/export Sales/marketing
Management Shipping

 Financial (back to top)

Banking Financing
Financial statements Letters of credit

 Other Industries and Market Sectors (back to top)

Accounting Energy Medical devices Real estate
Agricultural economics Engineering technology Medical instruments Safety engineering
Agricultural engineering Finance Medicine Security systems
Automotive Hotel management Oil and gas Statistics
Banking Immunology Patents, trademarks, and copyrights Steel
Banking & financial law Industrial engineering Petroleum engineering Stock market
Behavioral science Insurance Pharmaceuticals Telecommunications
Building & construction Labor relations Pharmacology Tourism
Civil engineering Land development Physics Transportation
Contract law Law Plastics Urban planning
Corporate law Machinery & tools Poultry science Veterinary medicine
Economics Maritime law Public health Waste disposal
Education Marketing Publishing Water and wastewater systems
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